Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday McKenna! :D

Today is my roommate McKenna's birthday!

She's really cool. And I like her blog.

Also, neither of us are very social.
Mostly we only talk to each other and our other roommates.

And when our other roommates force us to socialize with other people,
we usually end up texting each other, and those conversations are hilarious.

So me, McKenna, and our other roommate Liz, 
don't know how to go to sleep at a normal time of night.

We generally go to bed around one in the morning.
It's a really good habit.

So guess what we're doing right now? :D
That's right!
Not sleeping.

I'm wearing my new HARRY POTTER HOODIE
and blogging.
And surfing Pinterest. Whatevs.
McKenna is showing us music on her laptop.
It's good stuff, besides the country music.
Sorry. It's just gross to me.
Liz is being a good little college student, and actually doing her homework.

We also have the TV turned on, but it's muted.
And none of us will get up to turn it off.
That makes a ton of sense.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and this blog post is probably kind of scattered.
I'm not even sure it makes sense.
I should probably be done now.

Dear McKenna,
Happy 19th birthday!
Thanks for not being like a murderer or something.
That would have put a damper on the whole
sharing-an-apartment thing.
Also, I feel like this little letter-within-a-blog-post thing is really random.
- Keni

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I like making lists :)

I don't know if you've realized this...

When we were packing up my parents' house,
I had maybe 10 or 11 boxes.

Probably 8 of them were books.

When I moved most of my stuff up to Logan, 
One of my four or five boxes? 

The very first thing I set up in my apartment, 
so it would feel more like home?

You nailed it! 
My books.

Seconds after moving in to my apartment.
It's cuter now :)

And over this past weekend my dad bought me three more books!
Thanks again, Daddy!

This list is a list of the books I brought with me to Logan. 
Most of which are my favorite books.

(Minus a few. The rest are at Mum's house.
I don't have THAT much room in my apartment.)

The rest are books I am currently reading,
have yet to read, 
and books I bought for school.

- My Scriptures
- Harry Potter 1 through 7
- Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
- Quidditch Through The Ages
- The Tales of Beedle the Bard
- A Treasury of Fairy Tales
- Preach My Gospel
- Your Happily Ever After 
(The Uchtdorf talk)
- The Complete Sherlock Holmes
- Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales
- The Hobbit
- Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
- The Great Gatsby
- A Princess of Mars
- The Goose Girl
- Ella Enchanted
- 1984
- A Christmas Carol
- Jacob T. Marley
- Peter Pan
- Andersen's Fairy Tales
- The Princess Bride
- Tarzan of the Apes
- Frankenstein
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- Pride and Prejudice
- Movies in Fifteen Minutes
- Austenland
- A mini size Book of Mormon that used to be my grandpa's
- My 5 textbooks
- My four different journals
-My Piano books

How in the world did I fit all of those books into my tiny little apartment?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A surprise? For me? :D

Yesterday (MY BIRTHDAY) my roommates and I went out for a long overdue grocery shopping trip.
I've been here a month and only gone shopping once. 
And that was only for like bread, milk, and eggs.

I wasn't kidding about the long overdue part.
Variety is nice.

Apparently we don't know how to eat like college students.
And since we don't share anything, 
(we like each other, we just don't share...)
our fridge is FULL.
And really hard to sort through to find your food.

After our shopping adventure
(During which I still managed to forget a few things. Even though I made a detailed list.)
and after we had finished unpacking all of our groceries
I was eating greek yogurt and bread when there was a knock at the door.
And then Becca said "Keni, come here. It's for you!"

I don't know if you get it. 
That was a WEIRD thing to hear.
I literally do not know a single person up here besides my roommates.

I was upset that I wouldn't be able to see any of them on my actual birthday, 
so they had been planning this for at least a month! 
I love them.

Also, I may or may not have cried a bit.

Callie, Stephanie, my Monster brother, Jackie, Mallory, and Mum

Crying and making a stupid face. Yay!
Then we chatted and took a few pictures :)
And Mum and my friends laughed at our fridge.

And Callie gave me a birthday present!

It's a TARDIS mug! :D
I love mugs and I love the TARDIS.
Thanks so much Callie!

Mallory said that buying me a mug was ridiculous because I already have 18.

Dear Mallory, 
You can never have too many mugs.
Especially if it's a mug shaped like the TARDIS.

Then we all went out to dinner.
Thank you, The Crepery, for our DELICIOUS crepes and dealing with our huge group.
I know making our crepes took forever.
But they were sooooo good. 
So it was worth the wait :)

Mmmm crepes :) 
This week has been all about food, I swear.
That's okay, I love it.

Next, more food! 

We went to Angie's so we could clean out the sink.
Ha. What a sentence.
I'll explain.

Angie's is a local place, and they have these ginormous things of ice cream.
Called kitchen sinks.
If you finish it, you get a bumper sticker that says
"I cleaned the sink at Angie's"

It's a butt load of ice cream.
And we bought two.

The group, minus Mum.

My friend Kolten,
 (back at Westlake. Don't be silly, I don't know anyone up here.) 
told me that they weren't that big, and a group of six could easily finish two of them.

Kolten must have been thinking we eat like teenage boys or something.
We had a group of eleven.
We BARELY finished one and a half.
And that was only because we had one teenage boy with us.
I think Jake ate half of one of them by himself.

The waitress was nice and gave us two anyway :)

One is on my car.
The other is taped to my apartment's front door.

At this point, it was getting late-ish.
And my family and friends had a two hour ride home.
So they had to leave :(

I may or may not have cried again.
I don't wanna talk about it.

Sorry we cut half of your face off, Callie.
You know, AGAIN.
Also, I miss you guys!

Ah, sibling love.
It's my favorite.

Thanks, roomies, Mum, brothers, and friends for making my birthday amazing :)
And Facebook peeps for all of the kind messages.

It was one heck of a birthday :)
I love you all!

Oh. Also, I bought myself some music.
Bastille is AMAZING.
They're an English band that Oscar recommended to me a couple months ago.
And I bought their album, Bad Blood, yesterday!
I've been listening to it nonstop.

(Thank you, Oscar Kersey, for having an incredible taste in music and sharing it with me.
You're a doll.)

Now, I go to eat, read, and listen Bastille's album again.
Yay for multitasking, food, books, and English bands!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Can Call Me Martha Stewart! (minus the criminal record)

A couple of weeks ago we took a personality test thing for one of my classes.
Turns out I'm mostly artistic.
(SURPRISE! I'm an art major, so that should make sense.)
I'm also whatever that OCD one was called :) 
If you know me at all, that one makes sense too.

One of the defining things of having an artistic personality, 
according to this test,
is that your living/work/art areas can't be blank and boring. 
You have to make it your own to be able to concentrate.

Who knows if that's true with everyone, but it's certainly true for me.
Our apartment is the most boring apartment I've ever seen.
And that's not really an exaggeration.

So the past few days my roommates and I have been decorating!
It's been a blast :)

The top of my bed. Isn't my bedspread ADORABLE? :)
The end of my bed.

It's pretty much my favorite wall in the house.
My roommates (and Assorted Neighbors who always seem to be coming in and out of our apartment) keep telling me how much they love it. 
(Thanks guys! I love it too.)

And commenting on a few specific pictures.

Usually this one is the first to be commented on. I think it's hilarious :)

No, I haven't been to England. Yes, I would like to go. Who wants to take me? :D
 Also, have you seen my throw pillows?

My roommates and I figured out that one of the reasons we haven't spent as much time together is because our living room is unbearably hideous. 
None of us like to be in it, so we all hide out in our rooms.
Being antisocial isn't my favorite.
So we decorated the living room too!
(Thank you, Pinterest.)

And we finally set up our TV!
We're all pretty happy with how it turned out.
Assorted Neighbors love our wall too.

Okay, okay. 
Maybe Assorted Neighbors just like that we have a TV and DVD/VCR.
Yeah, it's probably that.

(Hey, roommates. I think we just became popular!)

We have plans to hang more pictures and paint chips around the apartment.
But this took forever, so we're going to finish it a different day.

But look, my Decoration Box is waiting for me so I can finish up in my room after class :)

Now I have to get ready for my Astronomy class.
(Which I still haven't learned one thing in yet.
Thank heavens for Mr. Bennion's Astronomy class in High School!
 I'm so far ahead of these random kids.)

Live long and prosper!

What? The first movie we watched on our newly-set-up TV was Star Trek. 
Stop judging.