Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Know A TON About Cars

A couple weeks ago I went home for the weekend.

You know. Cousin's wedding, friends, church at home, more family, 
laundry that I don't have to pay for, real food, etc.
It's awesome!


My car wouldn't start. 

Don't worry kids, it was just the battery. 
Not like I remembered exactly how to jump a car.

Or, for that matter, how to do ANYTHING else with cars.

Maybe I should learn these things...

Cue calls to my mom, Kenna's dad, Becca's dad, Google searches,
a random Stranger Man who came to the rescue of three 19 year old girls
who OBVIOUSLY know what they're doing, pictures, and a tiny bit of frustration.

Stranger Man. 


Stranger Man and his Wife.
We're creepers.

Also adorable. Yes?

McKenna and Becca are great. 
Thanks for helping me out with my car, guys :)
You're the best.

And if SOMEHOW Stranger Man sees this? 
Thanks to you too, sir!

After an hour and a half of annoying car troubles
(it wouldn't start the first few times. Thanks, car. Thanks.)
I finally left and was able to make it on time to my cousin's wedding!

Beeteedubs, Brock and Michelle are perfect for each other. 
And what a cute wedding!

My cousin Brock, his new wife Michelle, and Mum.
Cuties :)
Cousins, Mum, Aunt Juju.
I adore these peeps.
I'm three years older than my cute cousin Olivia.
Who would have guessed, right?
Squatch took this gorgeous selfie and made it my lock screen on my iPod.
Love that giant man.


Now excuse me while I go eat some Ramen Noodles.
Funny thing is, I actually enjoy them.