Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blogging From My Tablet

Hello blog readers! 
Guess what?! :D

My computer got a super nasty version of the FBI virus. 
Wait, that's not the appropriate response?
Oh, right. Boo :( 

So for about a week I'm stuck with just my tablet. 
That's kinda sucky.

Moral of the story?
If you're using a shared wireless network, please make sure you have some kind of antivirus software. 
That'd be nice.

Have a great (hopefully virus-free) night!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hi Mum!

Oh, and probably Hi to both Grandmas too.

First off, I don't know how to write a blog. 
What do you do, just type stuff and hope people think you're hilarious?
Or maybe we're going for inspirational?
OR... maybe the point of THIS blog is to show you pictures of my bare feet all the time? 
Maybe some books too?
That would make sense with the title. 
Yeah, there's my idea.
Nailed it.

So to start off, this is a picture of my muddy feet after I went canoeing (barefoot, obviously) with one of my classes.

Don't you just love my Toms tan line?
Okay, okay. I won't post pictures of my feet all the time. 
I'm fairly certain that would make Mum stop reading :)
But really, canoeing with my class was the best day I've had in Logan so far.
I love the outdoors and being on the water, so this was pretty much the perfect activity for me.
Good job Connections teacher, you deserve a high-five, at least.
So, more stories, yeah?
Last Tuesday/Wednesday was really rough for me.
Basically that's cause I'm a huge baby.
I missed my friends and family more than I thought I would when I moved up to Logan.
But since my friends are AMAZING, they woke up super early and had breakfast with me at Ihop before I drove up here.
And when I was lonely and bored out of my mind I bombarded Mum, Callie and Mallory (my two best friends) and Oscar with texts until I'm sure I drove them all crazy.
But they still like me, so it's all good.

(MUM: I'm used to the homesickness now and Logan is great. 
I'm starting to like it, so don't worry too much, k?)

Last Thursday one of my favorite people on the planet opened his mission call!
He's going to Atlanta, Georgia! 
(Guys, that's the PEACH state. Peaches are the closest thing to Heaven I can think of.)
He'll be speaking Spanish and he goes into the Provo MTC on November 20th :)
85 days? That seems like a really small number.
I'm really excited for him!
I know he'll be an absolutely fantastic missionary! :)
Also, adding an English, Southern, and Spanish accent together in one missionary is going to be hysterical. I can't wait.
I truly love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :)
It's one of the main things that define who I am.
And I'm so happy that almost everyone I know is planning on serving a mission!
(By the way, missionaries are my favorite kind of super heroes.)
This past weekend, I was able to go home and visit.
Which was awesome :)
I went into JCW's to visit my ex-coworkers,
went shopping with my family,
I went on a great date with Oscar, 
went to Denny's in the middle of the night with my ex-coworkers to celebrate Kiana's last day of work, slept for a few hours,
stole a bunch of food from my parents, 
packed up the rest of my stuff I need for college,
and then sped back to Logan to make it in time for a required housing meeting.

Impressive how much I did in only 24 hours, right?

Yesterday I went grocery shopping for the first time!
Thank heavens for Mum and Walmart so I don't have to eat only bread and tomatoes anymore.
Then yesterday and today I had my first two days of real classes. 
Those were pretty uneventful.
Other than the fact that I got lost and was late (because of getting lost) everywhere I went. 
And I think my Drawing class and 2D Design class are going to kill me.
 Should be fun :)
Sorry for the rambling nature of this blog post, I just needed to catch Mum up on things.
Have a great night!