Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Great Roommate Adventure! (aka: I've Never Been So Cold In My Life or Christmas Break: Part One)

Prepare yourselves.
It's a long one.

That shouldn't be shocking. 
It has three titles and I like to ramble.

But it's worth reading!
I hope :)

First of all, packing to go home for Christmas break basically feels like moving home.
Especially when you have three girls packing up a tiny Honda Accord.

Every inch of the car was packed.
There was no way you could see out the rear-view mirror.
McKenna had two trees on her lap, I had Christmas presents on mine,
 and the only person who could move at all was Becca.
You know, cause she was driving.
I'm still not sure how we did that.

Basically we are masters at Tetris - Packing Edition :)

So the first night 5 of us roommates were going to stay in Liz's cabin!
(Liz is one of the roommates)
Cool, right?!

Unless you're being literal.

She said it was a couple minutes walk from the parking lot up to her cabin.

(No cars up to the cabin, apparently. And if that's true then why did I see like 3 SUV's up there??)

Then we parked the car and started to load up the sleds.

"Oh, guys? By the way, it's like a mile walk up to the cabin..."

Uh... Yeah, okay. We can do that!

None of us were dressed for a mountain excursion.
Coats, gloves, and boots? 
But nothing nearly warm enough to climb a mountain in the dark in the middle of winter.

We started this little expedition up the mountain at 9:30.

10 pm: our toes are tingly and stuff has started to fall off the sleds.
They weren't tied very well.
Also, our faces are numb so we sound ridiculous when talking to each other.

10:15 pm: Our toes are completely numb.
Everything has fallen off the sleds, and we are now carrying it all.
McKenna and Liz go ahead of us to drop stuff off and start warming up the cabin.

10:45 pm: Our toes are feeling hot...
Now maybe I'm remembering wrong from health class in high school.
But isn't that the beginning stages of frostbite?
McKenna comes back to help me, Becca, and Kelly carry stuff and show us where the cabin is.

11:00 pm: CABIN! :D

Now at this point we got inside, dropped everything,
 and started to take off our coats and shoes and warm up our toes.

Then we looked at the thermostat.
It was only 20 degrees in the cabin.

So we put our coats back on, turned on the Sound of Music, 
squished two couches together, gathered EVERY blanket we could find (ours and the cabin's),
snuggled into the blankets, and exchanged gifts in a blanket pit that looked an awful lot like a nest.

By the time we fell asleep around 1:30 in the morning it was 34 degrees INSIDE.

Woohoo! Above freezing!

Then around 5 in the morning we all woke up, chatted for 30 minutes, and fell back asleep.
Which was pretty random.

At 10:30am we woke up, ate Eggo Waffles in a 65 degree cabin and packed up our stuff.
And brushed our teeth with water bottles instead of running water.

Oh, right!
My FAVORITE part of the story! 
(sarcasm, kids. that was sarcasm.)
It's a little awkward.

The pipes had frozen, but they were supposed to warm up so we all peed in the toilet at least once.
But the next morning the water still wouldn't turn on so Liz said I couldn't go pee in the toilet again.

Which, (no offense Liz), I still don't understand! 

There was already pee in the toilet! 
I wouldn't have added even half a cup!

She made me pee in the woods.


I've never done that before.

Okay, probably way too much info.

But she made me go outside!


I'm fairly outdoorsy for being such a girly girl.
But every time I've been camping there's always a potty.
Sometimes it's quite a walk away, but still.

I don't like peeing outside.

Then we hiked down the mountain!
Becca and I got to ride on the sleds we packed up.

It. was. AWESOME.


Going downhill, in the middle of the day, it took us 45 minutes. 
And two of us were on sleds.
That was SOOO not a mile.

Then Liz's dad picked her up, we dropped Kelly off at her Aunt's near Park City, 
and realized I left my glasses in that stupid cabin.

Liz met us at the parking lot. 
Her and I hiked up the mountain again, picked up my glasses,
and rode the sleds back down the hill.

Then me, Becca, and McKenna started our trip up to Nyssa, Oregon.
Which is going to be part of Christmas Break: Part Two.


Surprisingly enough, we had a lot of fun!
And I actually LOVE hiking! 
But I'm still never going to Liz's cabin again. 


This post has been brought to you because of Denver Blatter. 
He wouldn't stop bugging me about updating my blog. :)