Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Engaged! :D

What a rock, huh?! :D




 As I'm typing this, I'm laughing to myself that for a second you probably 
thought that I'm the one who's engaged :)

Nope, I'm single.
I don't even know any guys up here.

Thank you, for your facial expressions that I'm imagining.
They were a crack up.

Stop laughing at your imagined expressions and explain?
Well, if you insist.

A week or two ago I was incredibly sick.
I didn't get out of my bed more than twice in three days.


But on.. oh what was it..
Liz (a roommate) texted all of us and told us she had something really important to tell us!
So we needed to go into the living room and wait for her.

So I got out of my bed for the first time that day. 
And I was kinda grumpy.
And kept thinking that this had better be good.

Oh boy, was it good!

In walked Liz and a guy from our building, Cole.
They're engaged!
They had such a cute story, and they were all flustered and blushing.
It was adorable :)

Cute, right?! :)

And for probably two minutes, we just sat there staring at them.
We didn't even know they were dating!

For good reason, too.
They're not dating.


And I was sick!
They made me get out of my bed for a prank.
(Don't worry, I'm not ACTUALLY bitter. 
It's funny now.)

Liz got the ring from her friend for her birthday.
I think I've even seen that ring at Walmart or Target or something.

I'm still laughing. 
They're incredible pranksters.

Liz & Cole, how does that make you feel to know that you're fantastic liars?
Just kidding, you guys are great :)

For other accounts of the story 
(that probably make more sense and are less bitter)
go here and here.

Aww engagements and pranks.
Aren't they the sweetest?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Disaster Cakes, Adventures, and a Family Photo Shoot

It's been a while.
Don't judge.
College is busy!

(Just so you know, as I'm writing this McKenna, Pandora, and Pinterest are all distracting me.
This is gonna take a long time.)

So, I have a whole month of updates to get through.
So let's make this update stuff as short as possible, yeah?
That means pictures! :D

Lots of them.
Not in chronological order.
Prepare yourselves.

Found this picture of my Dad and Uncle D'Arcy. They have the same nose.
I do too, actually. Just more feminine ;) 

Me and both of my grandmas matched one time :)

We had family pictures taken by this really amazing photographer.
And these are some of the selfies we took in between shots.

Mum! Me! 

My Monster Brother! Me!

Me! Jacker Cracker!

Becca and I TRIED to make mug cakes.
They were complete disasters.
I'm not even sure where we went wrong!
But trust me, it was so so wrong.

Also, WORST IDEA EVER to make a Disaster Cake in a SQUARE mug.
It's near impossible to clean gunk out of the corners.
Note to self - liquids only in the TARDIS.

Look how sweet, we think we're going to have fun with these Disaster Cakes!
I made McKenna and Kelly (one of my other roommates) go on an adventure with me up the canyon.
Sometimes I crave adventures.
Really, I was getting antsy being cooped up in our apartment, so I needed to get out and do something.
So we climbed around in these tiny little caves we found! 
It was so much fun!
And we stopped in the middle of the road so McKenna could lean out the window and take a picture.
Then two motorcycles came up behind us right as we started to drive again.

Maybe not the best idea we've ever had...

And my camera died before we could get more than two pictures. 

Last weekend my cousin Garyn got married.
I forgot to take pictures at her reception... oops!
But she was beautiful and she looked so happy with her new hubby :)

But earlier that day I took pictures of the brothers and the cousins.
We went to visit my Great Grandma Johnson!

She's 96 and probably the sassiest old person I've ever met.
I love sassy people :) 
They're the best.

The boys got restless sitting in that tiny room...

Noah stole my leather jacket and Jake's sunglasses. I love this kid!

Adam and Jack. This is typical.
Jake and Noah. 

Later... Jake teasing a cute kitty. This went on for almost an hour :)
We never had pets when we were children.
Also, when we were at the hotel Grandma Lolo and Grandpa Dale came to visit.
And my grandpa struck a model pose in front of the TV to tease my brothers.
He's just the best :)

For Liz's birthday we went to Pizza Pie Cafe for karaoke night.
I hate karaoke. 
And I only sing in the shower.
(Loudly, but that's not the point.)
But it was kinda fun to hear other people sing!

Once, it was incredibly windy outside and the leaves filled the stairwell outside our apartment.
That's not very significant or blog worthy, is it?
Oh well!

I found out Bastille was coming to Salt Lake City, 
I proceeded to jump up and down, squeal, and then stub my toe from jumping up and down.
Also, I may have cried. 
Then I bought tickets :D

Then it was Halloween! 
I love Halloween.
More to come on that - it was a comical day.

I think that's all of the stories that don't need their own blog post...

(you totally missed me, huh?)